With the opening of our the Cardiac Catheterization Lab, the community has access to some of the finest heart care in the region. Our team of experienced cardiologists, Dr. Scott Ard, Dr. Michael Rave and Dr. John Williams III, perform a wide range of procedures, from angioplasty to stent placement to interventional radiology, right here in Morehead City.


The state of the art imaging system is a complete cardiovasular X-ray lab used in a full range of diagnostic, treatment and interventional procedures. 


Patients who choose Carteret Health Care for cardiac services will find advanced technology delivered by skilled professionals. From the initial testing stages to cardiac catheterization, our team of doctors, nurses and technicians are there to care for you. After treatment, Carteret's Cardiac Rehabilitation program helps patient return to their daily activities. This group acts as a support staff to help you manage the changes that accompany a healthier lifestyle. 




    Dr. John Williams, Medical Director

Dr. Williams, medical director at the Carteret Cath Lab, is a specialist in interventional cardiology. He graduated from Georgetown University School of Medicine and later went on to complete his residency at Cornell University Medical College and a fellowship at Yale University School of Medicine.
    Dr. Scott Ard

Dr. Ard graduated from Louisiana State University School of Medicine. He completed his residency at Medical University of South Carolina and his fellowship at the Ochsner Clinic.
    Dr. Michael Rave

After graduating from Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Dr. Rave went on to complete his residency at the Eisenhower Army Medical Center and a fellowship at the Madigan Army Medical Center.