The Carteret Health Care Total Joint Excellence Program is composed of a multidisciplinary team whose mission is to provide the highest quality of both inpatient and outpatient services for our Total Joint population. We are eager to assist the patient back to an active and healthy lifestyle. Our comprehensive program promotes positive patient outcomes shown by increased patient satisfaction and decreased length of stay. The Program begins approximately 1 month before surgery and the team follows the patient up to 1 year later.

Every patient is placed on a customized clinical pathway after an initial pre-operative interactive assessment process. The clinical pathway has three main components: pre-hospitalization care, hospitalization, and post-hospitalization.

Pre-hospitalization Care

Education is the key to pre-hospitalization care. Through a formal invitation process, patients are encouraged to enroll in the Total Joint Excellence Program at the time the decision is made for Joint Replacement Surgery.

Prep Classes are designed to prepare the patient for their elective procedure. The patient will tour the unit and meet the Total Joint Excellence Team. The admission process is started and all pre-operative and post-operative needs are assessed. The patient and staff responsibilities are thoroughly explained. 


Hard work is the key to hospitalization. To complete the Total Joint Excellence Program, patients have four days of intensive services. While hospitalized, patients are required to wear their own clothes. Physical Therapy works with patients twice a day. The nursing staff instruct patients throughout their hospitalization and work towards a safe discharge to home or to short term rehab.


At the time of discharge, the patient receives a “congratulations” gift. Patient satisfaction surveys are sent out the day of discharge. The surveys help the team monitor program components and make changes as needed. One of the nurses will complete follow-up phone calls approximately 1 week post-discharge. The intent of the phone call is to decrease the early stress of being at home after joint replacement.