Cardiac Rehabilitation is an exercise and an education program designed for people with heart & pulmonary disease.

Exercise will improve your energy level and make you stronger as well as lower your blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol and even reduce your stress. You will learn to exercise safely while being supervised by medical personnel.

Education and individual advice is provided on various features of coronary artery disease, pulmonary disease, decreasing risk factors, medication, diet and stress reduction.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Most patients return to their regular activities within a few months after a heart attack or surgery. Cardiac rehabilitation monitors and improves the recovery, increases fitness and reduces the risk of new events. These goals are accomplished through multidisciplinary teams of nurses, physicians, health educators, physical therapists, and dietitians. Cardiac rehabilitation provides exercise prescriptions to increase physical activity and fitness. Our program offers medically supervised and monitored exercise. The fit individual is able to exercise harder and longer, with less effort than when not fit. For heart patients, exercise may lessen the risk and severity of another attack.

Cardiac rehabilitation teaches patients about their disease and how to cope with its physical and psychological manifestations. Programs and individual counseling are available to help patients stop smoking, lose weight, lower high blood pressure and cholesterol and reduce emotional stress.

For the participants, cardiac rehabilitation:

  • Provides specific guidelines for physical activity
  • Serves as a resource for educational information
  • Decreases anxiety and depression
  • Improves quality of life
  • Facilitates return to work
  • Reduces exacerbations and hospitalizations
  • Promotes independence and self-reliance
  • Increases exercise tolerance

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